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When me and my husband moved in together, a puppy moved in to us – at the time it was 12 months old. It was Roma, a German Shepherd Dog bitch. The dog won the hearts of the whole family and all our friends. Roma was extremely intelligent. She understood what we said to her or about her, and loved us with her whole heart – just as we loved her. She passed away when she was not quite 9 years old, for the last two years of her life being completely blind. We knew we would like to have a dog again, but at the time we had a lot to do about our moving to the countryside, and we wanted to wait with the decision until we had a new house:) In September 2006, together with our three sons, we moved out from Kraków to live in Łškta Dolna, about 50 kilometres outside the city. A few years earlier, in Koński Targ magazine, I had seen a beautiful photo of a family of Yuzhak. It was the first time I had met with this breed. The author of the article praised the dogs’ incorruptible character, their instinct for protecting the flock and guarding animals, excellent health and dedication to the owner. After we moved, I started looking for such a dog in Poland and in autumn 2006 we bought a grey bitch – our Fela – from Ms Irena Jefimowa. Since we live in a quite widely spaced area and our house is surrounded by a few hectares of meadows, fields and forest, we have also decided to find place for cats, goats and a horse – a mare in fact. While we still lived in Kraków, we used to see Irish Wolfhounds. Now I know it must have been the dogs of Ms Anna Grolik because I found out we used to live close to each other. When one day, while walking with Roma, I saw an Irish Wolfhound for the first time, I was speechless. I knew the breed from photos, but seeing the dogs in reality was really an experience:) I knew I would like to have such a dog, but living in a tiny flat in Kraków, having small children and an enormous number of duties, I somehow wasn’t able to imagine it. Now that we live in the countryside, we let the idea take root and flourish in our minds:) Since January 2009 we live with Proxima Wichrowe Zauroczenie – a real Irish Wolfhound – our own one:)

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