Breed description


The South Russian Shepherd Dog is a dog of robust constitution, of above the average height; fierce and mistrustful of strangers, not very demanding, adapts easily to diverse climatic conditions.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: robust, lean, with massive bone structure, strongly developed musculature.

PROPORTIONS: index of bone structure (wrist size/height at the withers x 100): dogs 17-19, bitches 16-17

HEIGHT: dogs – a minimum of 65 cm, bitches – a minimum of 62 cm at the withers

HEAD: elongated shape, moderately broad, the occipital crest and the zygomatic arches are strongly pronounced. The stop is barely visible. The nose is big and black. Ears: relatively small, hanging, of triangular shape. Eyes: oval, wide set, tight eyelids. Teeth: white, set regularly, scissor bite. Big teeth.

NECK: lean, muscular, of moderate length, set high

CHEST: reasonably broad, deep, slightly flattened

WITHERS: not too high.

BACK: strong and straight

BELLY: moderately tucked up

LOIN: short, broad, slightly protruded

TAIL: reaches to hock joint, low set, the tip slightly rounded. In action it should not be rolled up above the back

COAT: 10 – 15 cm long, thick, dense, slightly wavy, with a well developed undercoat. Hair of equal length on head, chest, legs and tail.

COLOUR: most often white, but also with yellow, straw-coloured or grey shades/light patches, grey.

IRISH WOLFHOUND:(the standard)

The Irish Wolfhound is a dog from the sighthound family, characterized by great size and elegant movements. It is very gentle in disposition, sensitive and friendly towards people. Irish Wolfhounds require a lot of care, a lot of space and, first of all, a lot of exercise. They like running and, like all hounds, can reach high speeds.
GENERAL APPEARANCE: a long dog of noble posture, with strong, heavy bones, well muscled, with strong loins and hindquarters, strong teeth and jaw
HEIGHT: bitches – a minimum of 71 cm, dogs – a minimum of 79 cm; however, it isn’t uncommon for bitches to be 80-86 cm high, whereas dogs can reach the height of 90-94 cm. It is often said that every breeder dreams of having a dog that would be more than 1 metre high.
HEAD: should be carried high, long and flat but at the same time not too broad
NECK: long and well arched, strong
CHEST: very deep but moderately broad
BACK: long, pliable, flexible
BELLY: well tucked up
LOIN: well-arched, but the height in this area should not be greater than the height at the withers
TAIL: low set, long and of moderate thickness, slightly curved
COAT: should be rough and hard, longer under jaw and over eyes
COLOUR: gray, black, white, red, wheat-coloured, sand-coloured and striped

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