Miot H Szare Stado 27 of January 2018

I would like to introduce litter H of Szare Stado. Mother of the puppies is Varna Szare Stado, an astounding Irish Wolfhound. Beautiful and valued by experts and breeders at shows (e.g. Pernille Monberg (Wolfhouse) – res.BIS Tullamore Cup 2011, Pamela Sumner (Ballyphean) – Best Breeding Bitch-Tullamore Cup 2012, Markku Mähönen – BIS-National Sighthound Show). The Father of the puppies is Temhair’s Malte, young but already entitled IW, imported from Gemany, son of the famous Eragon Della Bassa Pavese – winner of the EIWC 2016. Excellently built, very handsome, with emazing movement and temperament. The puppies were born on 27 of January, 2018. PSS – free. We have 4 girls and 2 boys 🙂

Szczenięta w wieku 9 tygodni (puppies 9 weeks):

Miot H w Szarym Stadzie